My new year..

Oh the life of a college student… I feel like my new year doesn’t begin on Jan. 1, it begins with every new fall term… but guess what this is my LAST fall term new year!

I feel this way because when the new year hits on Jan. 1 I am in the middle of a school year, and for some reason it is harder to make changes when in the middle of something versus when you are starting fresh. This year, my new year begins on Sept. 27.

I am looking forward to starting back up classes for many reasons; I enjoy learning, I am in a major I love and enjoy the homework and tasks we are assigned, I feel like I am at a point where everything is building up to prepare me for that thing I keep hearing about known as real life and last but not least…. I am that much closer to graduating with each day that goes by (scary but exciting).

Sooooo…. what does this mean? Well I make my new year resolutions or goals about this time of year! As I am mentally preparing myself for everything I want to do this new school year, I am also thinking of things I want to change, add or delete from my life! Here are some of the resolutions and goals I have;

  • spend more of my time doing things I enjoy, not doing things because other people want me to, or I feel pressured to… really taking time to enjoy my little free time in life
  • cook at home more!! i can cook, i like to cook.. so why do i do it so little?
  • along with that is… trying to foods & recipes! cooking is an art, it allows for creativity
  • keep better track of our spendings
  • while i keep a clean house, things could be organized more often
  • try new things
  • to add to that… i read in a magazine article that while just buying stuff to buy is bad, once a month buy something random from a store and see what uses you can get out of it!
  • go back to the days where the hubby and i wrote love notes…. instead of sent texts
  • everyone knows i love to travel, but school will have me pretty tied down so i want to explore eugene like it was a place i was visiting
  • go on dates where the hubby and i meet up at a place instead of drive together, it can add a new and exciting feel to the relationship
  • work out more… i have access to a state-of-the-art rec center.. thank you UO sports
  • walk the dogs more
  • worry less
  • stress less
  • get rid of the clutter in my life both with material things and with relationships
  • cherish the small things in life
  • enjoy the now, instead of always being 10 steps ahead
  • go on more nature hikes/trips… they are free and relaxing
  • cut all negative out of my life
  • really get into my photography
  • sew more
  • spend more time with family

We will see how this goes, and I will blog about things on my list 😉


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