It’s the weekend #1

I have 3 weekends left before classes start to fully have the days to myself and not dedicated to homework. I plan to get a lot done in those 3 weekends before the madness of school starts… on friday nights i often find myself thinking of all the things i need to get done over the weekend… but somehow i never accomplish them all unless i write them down. I have decided to start blogging my weekend goals!

  1. laundry laundry laundry
  2. dishes
  3. straighten up all the clutter
  5. spend quality time with the hubby
  6. read more of my trueblood series 
  7. develop summer photos and start my albums
  8. work at my mom’s shop
  9. start getting books for fall term online
  10. blog
  11. clean out my car
  12. walk the dogs
  13. work out & wii fit
  14. go to Lane County Farmer’s Market for internship stuff 
  15. see a movie with my mom sunday after working at the shop
  16. return stuff to stores
  17. grocery shop

This is our 1st weekend home in 12 weekends.. YIKES i have a lot to do!!! 


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