Julie & Julia and inspiration

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to cook… I grew up on homemade meals and we very rarely ate out, and NEVER ate fast food. My mom made everything from scratch and still does, and I surprisingly do know how to bake & cook, I just never have the time. Every now and then I will get out my cookbooks and go crazy, but those times are few and far between with full time school, work and homework. But I the husband and I are sick of fast food and take-out (life of a college student), and I have decided that it is much more cost-effective to start cooking at home, not to mention I get to do something I like and am good at. 

I also am the social media intern for the Lane County Farmers Market, and this involves going to market and interacting with the vendors and customers. This internship has also given me inspiration to cook more from scratch and I love shopping for ingredients at market! I love shopping for ingredients in general…. taking the recipe list to the store and searching for items.. i dunno why but it makes me happy! Another favorite of mine is cooking stores… I have always loved kitchen stuff and my kitchen is overflowing with items that never get used… i.e. our bread machine, wok, ice cream maker and more… I need to change that. I love dishes, kitchenware and everything else that has to do with cooking. I could spend all day in stores like Hartwicks, Bed Bath & Beyond and my favorite the kitchen stores at the outlet malls. I also love unique kitchen items, things that you only use for special occasions!

I have been cooking more lately and am going to continue even though school will be starting soon, I am just going to make time for it! I will blog about my cooking adventures, but will not be a copy of cooking blogs! Tonight I made tattertot casserole, beans and cornbread and last week I made steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and another nights ribs, cabbage/carrots/onions with butter and cornbread… this was a start since most of our current meals consist of take-out or fast food. I am excited to start this new adventure and am sure I will be getting some great new kitchen items out of it as well 🙂

Did I also mention that after graduation this spring, when looking for another house to buy in portland, the hubby has agreed to letting me have my dream kitchen???? Oh this excites me!


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