Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Season 3 came out today on DVD!!! We for some reason, even though it is one of our favorite shows, did not watch it on TV this past season, so we have been waiting to see it for awhile. We are both now parked on the sofa under blankets watching one of the best comedies ever!

And I just have to say Leonard and Penny are too cute! I love it when hotties pick nerdy guys! They are sweet too!

We are only on episode 3 but one of the best quotes so far…

Wolowitz: They’re called tattoo sleeves… Put them on, have freaky sex with some freaky girl with her business pierced, take them off, and I can still be buried in a Jewish cemetary.

&& Sheldon: Interesting… sex works even better than chocolate to modify behavior.. I wonder if anyone else has stumbled across that yet.


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