life, thoughts, reflections and the future…

Insomnia… yay for me. Actually it is one of the most annoying things i deal with on a daily basis. I have tried everything from melatonin, sleeping pills, no caffeine after like 4pm  && nothing works. But while I lay awake each night, watching re-runs of my favorite movies and TV shows, I also have time to think about life and other random things.

Tonight, along with most other nights I think about the future…

In a little over a week I will be starting my Senior year at UO.. meaning chaos, stress and fun AND being that much closer to graduation and starting a new chapter in my life. My husband and I have agreed that unless I get a call to work in LA, NY, SF or any other big city, Portland is where we belong. The UO offers a great program called the Senior Experience, which I am hoping to get into Spring term. This means that I only have fall & winter term left in Eugene. While we will miss our family and friends here, we are ecstatic and very excited to make changes in our lives. We have started making lists of apartments in downtown and other things we need to get done in the next 6months (we will be moving during spring break if everything goes as planned). I will go more into the senior experience later as I am applying for it.

Anyway, Shaun is finishing up his degree in computer science and I am finishing up mine in Public Relations, Advertising and Digital Arts. We are both planning on getting careers right off the bat in Portland, but soon we are also wanting kids!!! This is something we have both dreamt about for years together, but have decided to wait until after college, and believe me some days it is hard. I have had and still have serious baby fever for the past few years. While we (I) may be know as a partyier now…careers, kids and the family life is what we really want and the partying is just a college phase. I am always going to enjoy going out for drinks and drinking on vacations, but the college party days will soon be over. We have like 10 names for each sex picked out already, but I am not going to put them out because I do not want our names taken! I cannot tell you how often I sit and picture our future, our kids and raising them. I know Shaun will be an amazing dad and I like to think I will be a good mom. ❤ I have really been working on being a positive person lately…. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and I feel like everything in my life has led me to where I am now, even though some things I could have done without, but I am overall really happy with life and just can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Now to get through my last year of midterms, finals, papers, sleepless nights, caffeine overload, early mornings, hangovers, being broke, chaos and whatever else college life brings…. and then onto new things!


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