pork chops and other thoughts

Well as I mentioned in my previous blog, one of my goals is to start cooking more. Tonight after I got home from work, I made pork chops cooked with gravy, onions, garlic, carrots and cabbage in the electric skillet, mashed potatoes and gravy. This is one of Shaun’s favorite, oh and did I mention he helped by peeling the potatoes and stirring the gravy. We ate dinner while watching the season finale we had dvr’d of BIG BROTHER 12…. a show we are absolutely addicted to. I started watching with season 5, and got shaun hooked on at season 8. Since season 8, we have watched every show together every year. It is our dream for one of us to be on it… but that is just a dream. This year’s winner was Hayden, I wanted Brittany to win, but for those watching I do have to give it up to the Brigade. I had a soft spot for Rachel there for awhile, but that laugh…. oh god not to mention while she was a strong competitor, she was pretty bitchy. I just hope Hayden doesn’t give any of that money to Kristin…. her and Annie where the worst!!!

Now we are watching more of Big Bang season 3, seriously if you are reading this blog and have not watched Big Bang …. GIVE IT A TRY! I have never laughed so hard watching a TV show in my life, and I feel healthier for watching it.. because laughter is the best medicine right?

This brings me to … I cannot wait for Fall TV to start… there are so many great shows coming back on and a few new ones that look great too. Here are a few of my favs;

  • HOUSE – starts Mon. Sept. 20th
  • Dexter – starts Sunday Sept. 26th
  • Big Bang Theory – starts Thurs. Sept. 23rd
  • Castle – starts Mon. Sept. 20th
  • Two and a half men – starts Wed. Sept. 22nd
  • Rules of Engagement – starts Mon. Sept. 20th
  • Modern Family – starts Wed. Sept. 22nd
  • Cougar Town – starts Wed. Sept. 22nd
  • Mike & Molly (new show) – starts Mon. Sept. 20th
  • Better with you (new show) – starts Wed. Sept 22nd

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