Twitter, networking and back to the daily grind

So I finally really really caved…. after having a Twitter for about a year now but never using it, I have become obsessed and now Tweet more than ever! (@shawnah2011). It really is a great way to get connected, network and see what the world is up to. I am using mine mostly as a professional networking tool. I follow anything and everything that has to do with media, public relations, advertising, fashion, sports, etc. I am hoping that through Twitter I can connect with other professionals and get my foot in the door at some places before I graduate in June 2011. I have only been seriously tweeting for a little over a week now, and have already made some great connections with agencies & people who work in media. I am networking in Portland, SanFran, LA & NY because those are the places I am most interested in.

In other news, I have been on break for a month… kinda. I still have been working everyday 10-4 at the UO in Allen Hall, but summer is slow and I have just been doing projects. Today was the first day of Week of Welcome for all the new incoming UO students, and I can officially say I think summer is over and it is back to the daily grind. While classes do not start back up until Monday, I work down in the advising office at the School of Journalism, so for me my break is over when the students start coming back to campus… and everyone is trying to figure out last minute schedule changes and where to go this week. I am very excited to start classes on Monday… I finished up my last gen. ed ever this summer… and am now only taking J classes for my last 3 terms. SO HAPPY! I am taking all 400level classes and since I  love public relations, advertising and anything to do with media…. I think I am going to love all my classes the next 3 terms. (We will see if I feel the same during midterms or finals week).


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