Fun fall drinks, shoes and other randoms

Well it is officially that time of year….Happy 1st day of Autumn…meaning pumpkins, apples, spices and best of all fall fashion. ❤

Over the past few days I have been searching for yummy fall recipes and drinks! I can’t wait to start making some of the ones I’ve found. I love going to places like LonePine Farms, the Holiday Market to shop. I love boots & scarves & layers. I love the smell of the fall candles & spices. I love the warm feeling of sitting in under a blanket with the heat on relaxing with the sound of the rain outside, however, I hate being out in the rain. I love the beautiful colors of fall, the crunchy leaves under my shoes and the brisk cool days. (photo courtesy of watchmojo)
This is a pumpkin spic martini…. sounds so good, I can’t wait to try it! 

Below are a few scarves I fell in LOVE with from Spool Sewing… I am going to order one and then make a few! It is on my fall projects list for sewing! 

And my obsession with boots has gotten the best of me as so far this fall I have bought 8 new pairs to add to my 47, and am on the hunt for more! i love boots! Here are some of my wishlist items right now…



I cannot get enough boots and shoes for that matter. My closet is overflowing and shoes and going to be taking over here soon! I have also been buying a lot of cute sweaters, button-ups and wraps. I can officially say I might be ready for fall… but I still have a lot of things on my wishlist! 


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