I made a scarf today!

While I was home from work with a fever and aches today (I work in the advising office at the School of Journalism at UO), those of you who know me know that I cannot lay around no matter how sick I am, even when I was deathly ill with H1N1 and pneumonia last fall, I managed sew, quilt, read, organize and clean that week. But because of the fever I was told to stay home today, so I went to my mom’s shop, Jean Marie’s Fabrics, and decided to make a scarf! I was inspired a few days ago while browsing sewing blogs for fall fashion. 

(Images by me)

I liked the photo in B&W. 

While I am feeling better and have broken the fever and will be going back tomorrow, I really am going to try to make something each week. I say try because come Monday, I will be back in full swing with 4 400level classes, my internship and work, not to mention homework. But I grew up sewing, seriously I started sewing at age 4-5. I love creating, designing and making things. I also grew up going to textile wholesale shows all over the US. I have been to shows in Vegas, LA, Texas, Florida, Utah, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. My mom and I are going to one in Portland here in a few weeks. I dream to go to fashion week in NY, and think I am convincing my mom and husband day by day, 😉 At the shows we go to fashion shows with new pattern lines, hear quest speakers from NY, network and walk the floors doing the best part… shopping!! 


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