Ice Cream Social fun!

Every year, the School of Journalism puts on an ice cream social during the 1st week of fall term. I am a student worker in the advising office as well so my luck is that I am always scheduled to work at the desk during it, but for the past 2 years my bosses have graciously let me go out and participate too! This year we had great ice cream with lots of toppings. It is so fun to see the faculty, new students and us seniors all interacting! There was raffle drawings with great SOJC prizes (waterbottles, tshirts and mugs). We also played a great trivia game that was timed and my friend and I won 1st place by rushing around Allen Hall finding answers to the questions.. I had a small advantage in that I work here and interact with faculty on a daily basis, so I took 2nd place price which was great actually because I already have the 1st place prize. So now I have an SOJC waterbottle canteen, a mug and an American Apparel brand shirt with our SOJC logo on it! There were tables for all the student-run publications and activities and that was also a great networking opportunity. Overall a huge success thanks to our great SOJC faculty, staff and students!


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