ducks… 8-0!

After watching the Ducks give it to the Trojans on their own turf last night I woke up and said, “We will play in Arizona come Jan. 10!”

While we made a few mistakes, we were there on offense and defense and we showed the nation why we belong in the national championship.

(Photo courtesy Oregonlive)

From the Washington Post….

On one side would be Cam Newton and Auburn, the SEC’s unstoppable force. On the other side would be LaMichael James and Oregon, a supersonic scoring machine from the Pac-10.

With five weeks left in the season, a potential BCS championship matchup with potent possibilities has developed.

“There is starting to be this realization of two really good teams, that have the two best players in the country representing their offenses, and it would be a lot of fun to watch,” said ESPN analyst Craig James, who has covered both the Tigers and the Ducks this season. Read more here.

I can’t say it enough….. I LOVE MY DUCKS!!!


yes i love country.

I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like

Up in the mornin I’ll be your coffee cup
If you drink me down I will fill you up again
And if you don’t think that’s enough….
I’ll be the prize on the back of the cereal box
and the key that you found that you thought that you lost and
I’ll be the why to your because

Because I, I, I am not perfect
But I, I, I, I know I’m worth it
And I, I, I gotta believe, there has to be a you
For every girl like me.

I’ll be the candy that feels like a firecracker pop
And the toy on the cake with the chocolate top and
and if you look a little closer….
I’ll be the steam on the grate as it floats in the air
Or the whisper you made from a secret you shared and
Your favorite song that’s never over

Because I, I, I am not perfect

But I, I, I, I know I’m worth it
And I, I, I gotta believe, there has to be a you
For every girl like me.

I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like,
Hot french fries and red balloon ties too
Your hoodie hangin down, the street lamp on the corner of a
One way, one way or another gonna get you too
Two times I take another look at the hat in the seat
And the wrapper you found and the flavor beneath of the tootsie pop drop don’t stop cause I’ll be your favorite
Are you free tonight, stop by if you like, if you might want to
I don’t mind, I don’t mind
You will see it’s me I believe you could be, be the right one you
For every girl like me
Lalalalalala Like meeeeeeeee
And I, I, I
Lalalalalalalalala Like meeeeee
I, I, I
I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like (I, I, I)


Love this new song by sugarland… love the whole album ❤

UO PRSSA && USA network PSYCH!

Last night UO PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) teamed up with USA network and AMP agency to bring the season 5 premiere showing of PSYCH to UO campus. It was a crazy, fun and eventful night… but that is event planning! It was fun to see so many people come who are passionate about the show. (I am not a die-hard but it is a good show). There were well over 300 people at the event. One of the writers spoke for awhile after they showed the season 5 opening episode. He answered questions from the audience and asked trivia questions about the show – some pretty sweet swag was given away too! There was an adorable little boy in the audience who was just so excited to be apart of it all!

Here is the Facebook link to the UO PYSCH college tour site… you can see pictures and what everyone had to say!

Here is a link to the UO tour photos!

It was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make it a success.

(Shawn & Gus reppin’ UO… photo courtesy of UOPRSSA)

(meet & greet with one of the writers… photo courtesy Psych FB page)

Page & I in our rockin’ PRSSA shirts!

fun colors!

So I was going to go get my nails done tomorrow… I am long overdue for a set of acrylics.. but then I found these FUN holiday colors by O.P.I && now I am torn… get pretty fake nails or keep my nails colorful all season?? (I don’t do the fake non-acrylic white tip).

Major life decisions… I know! Okay back to studying….

I love these 4 women!

They will never grow old in my book!

(&& at 52 Kim Catrall looks wayyy better than Miley Cyrus in the dress)

After seeing it twice in theatre and waiting MONTHS for it to come out… S & C 2 is finally out on DVD.

Charlotte York: How are you gonna swallow all those?
[referring to Samantha’s handful of pills]
Samantha Jones: Have we met?


Samantha Jones: I’m having a hot flash.

Carrie Bradshaw: You’re fine.

Samantha Jones: Seriously. They’re starting.

Carrie Bradshaw: You’re on a camel in the middle of the Arabian desert. If you’re not having a hot flash, you’re dead.


My amazing hubby just went to the store to get the dvd for me… what a sweetheart! (Of course he did have his own agenda… getting Fable 3 that came out today too… but I will still give him credit!)

midterms, coffee, life and bubble baths!

So week 5 of a college term is always a fun one…. NOT!

Fall term is by far the best & worst term of college…. why? Well DUCK FOOTBALL…. and the worst… cold and flu season. Every year without a doubt I manage to get sick about the time of midterms. I have a feeling that since there are 20something thousand other students on campus that we are a bacteria-infested place of learning. Cold and flu season hit UO this past couple weeks.. and it hit hard. I had many teachers and friends out sick. I am a person with A LOT on my plate so I cannot really just be absent from the world for a few days… this left me with no choice but to get up and at least tend to everything via email. While I was down with a fever, chills, sore throat and you name it, I fell somewhat behind. Thanks to coffee, advil, benadryl and a loving husband I am slowly catching up. This has just been one of those weeks that you wish wouldn’t end because you know you cannot possibly accomplish everything you need to get done… but at the same time you can’t wait to kiss it goodbye and be done with it.

While I am slowly writing papers, cramming for tests and reading case studies… I am also realizing the importance of finding time for me and to de-stress and feel better. I am one who stresses out when I am sick because not only do I feel yucky, but I am getting behind.. a feeling I do not cope with well.

There are a few things that have/will put a smile on my face tonight- I am going to take a BUBBLE BATH and have a glass of wine to relax, I just finished an amazing toffee mocha from starbucks, I got one HUGE assignment done, my hubby cooked dinner for us and I will take a hw break for COMEDY WEDNESDAY.

I always try and find the good in everyday and situation no matter how bad i am feeling… and it always tends to brighten my day 😉

Strengthfinders 2.0 AHPR workshop!

Last night was our 3rd AHPR meeting. Corinne McElroy from Edge of Change put on a great strengthfinders workshop for all of us. (Thank you to our firm advisor, Kelli Matthews, for inviting her to come). Using the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book and assessment, we each took individual tests before the workshop. My top five strengths are;

1- Strategic

2- Futuristic

3- Achiever

4- Focus

5- Competition

Here is a summary I gave about the workshop – “At the workshop we learned that it is ok to have things we are not the best at. I am a maximizer too and I learned a lot about how to capitalize on it instead of letting it get the best of me. I also learned how to focus on what I do good instead of what I cannot do all that well. It was great to get to talk with others and find out how we can all work as a group to unitize each others strengths too. I think we have a great group and that it will be an excellent year!”

It was really fun to see what everyone else’s strengths are and to see how much we are alike even though we all are so different. It was a lot of fun and am so happy we got the chance to participate in this opportunity.

This is one of the slide images and quotes that Corinne left us with…. it has stuck with me ever since. It is so true and hits home for me.