Quote for the day…

ESPN GAMEDAY was in Eugene again bright (well not too bright) and early this morning. Autzen was flooded with fans around 2am, and the security had to finally let the crowd through around 3:30 am even though they weren’t planning on opening it up until 4:30. As the sun rose over Eugene, OR, ESPN GAMEDAY already had things going… with VOODOO doughnuts and thousands of DUCK FANS! We thought about going, but… I am really trying hard this year to focus on school, work, internships and other UO activities (PRSA, AHPR, Ad Society & more). This is my senior year and I don’t want to give up real world experience and my grades for a few nights of fun. I have been a partier since I was 15… staying out all night, drinking and being reckless and I am at a point in my life where there are other things that matter more. (Plus, the novelty has really worn off… there really is more to life!) … not saying that everyone at GAMEDAY drinks and parties.. but if we would have gone I would have compromised homework time & made a full thing of it. The decision was a tough one to make as everyone who knows me knows I don’t like to miss out, but I feel good about how much I have been able to get done so far and I know it would have been a dif. story if I had not been so self-disciplined! 

My husband and I watched GAMEDAY comfortably together from our living room couch this morning.. and the quote for the day comes from a sign in the crowd…


There were so many great quotes played on the show from Chip Kelly, Lee Corso and many others, but this sign says it all!! 

GOOOOOOO DUCKS!!! MAKE US 5-0!!! && of course we will be heading to AUTZEN here in a bit.. the loudest most wild & breathtaking sports place in the nation!! I LOVE MY DUCKS!


One thought on “Quote for the day…

  1. I felt the same way, but in order to do what i wanted today i studied last night after work, went to gameday this morning, then i came back home (amber’s home) and did my homework. Although right now i do not have a heavy load, i am sure as the term progresses my excursions will lessen. ❤

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