23rd bday fun ;)

As I mentioned in the previous post, Thurs Oct 7, was my 23rd bday. I celebrated it by going to classes, taking a test, working and then finally getting to go out to dinner with my parents & the hubby. We went to Boulevard Steakhouse and Grill, we had never been since it changed and they offer buy one get one free meals on your bday! After dinner, we went to Sweet Life, one of my fav. places for dessert! (seriously if you live in Eugene, or are planning on visiting, Sweet Life is a must!) I love everything there, but their gelato is my favorite! I try a new flavor each time I go! This time I had a really yummy lemoncello!

Friday, I had to work and then came home and had a girl’s day with some of my besties. My best friend of 10 years baked me a really fun cake and we (her and her sis, who are like family to me) watched movies and hung out all day. We wound up drinking and turning it into a fun Wii dance party night, and another bestie, Katelyn, came over to join in for a couple hours too! It was just what I wanted for my bday, a lowkey hangout night! After 21, bdays seem to lose some of the appeal and excitement, and they really are just another day! I did though have plans to go out to dinner with another bestie and some other friends Sat. night and go out to the bars… but my next post will explain why that didn’t happen. Overall, it was a great bday and I got to celebrate it with some of the ones I love. My schedule is too crazy, and I have too much to do to, to go all out.

Since Shaun and my bdays are both in Oct. we like to do something special in the middle of our bdays, and luckily a duck bye-week almost always lands in the middle. So this year we are going to the coast for a night, this Friday. We love the coast, and picked Lincoln City for this trip! We are staying at a really cute hotel on the beach, with a suite that has a hot tub on our balcony and a kitchen, all over-looking the ocean! I can’t wait! Sometimes it is so nice to get away with the one you love… escape the day-to-day clutter! I am very excited!


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