Ducks are on fire, now 6-0 and #2!


It was sloppy, scary, emotional and more… but overall a win by 20.

Saturday we played WSU in Pullman, WA. Now this was a game that was said to be over before it even started. Well…. the first 3 minutes may have followed that, but after Kenjon Barner was seriously injured on a return.. it went downhill. Barner layed unconscious on the field for what seemed like forever, it was scary. His dad and sister were down there crying and no one knew if he was going to be ok. It was emotional and even the WSU coaches and players were on a knee. LaMichael James is best friends with Barner and he was a mess, he was crying and couldn’t focus because he didn’t know the state of his buddy. When they showed LaMichael crying, I broke down too. Finally… Barner with helped was loaded onto the stretcher and into the ambulance and taken away, at least he was awake. (We later found out he had a concussion and would be staying the night in the hospital for observation, he is now back in Eugene, although we do not know if he will be playing in the next game.)

After that, we also lost our starting QB to a shoulder sprain, luckily our back-up, Nate Costa, has proven to be a good QB as well. And… LaMichael, our star running-back, had to sit a few downs out because he was battered up. We re-gained focus and won by 20. (43-23) Sloppy, but a W. We were hoping this W would carry us enough to make #2 after ALABAMA LOST!!!! && it did! We are now #2 in the nation behind Ohio State. This is so exciting and I can’t wait for the weeks to come!!

As always… I LOVE MY DUCKS!!


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