escaping what could have been a tragic situation…

As I mention in my bday blog, something happened on Saturday that put a dent in my plans.

I had planned to go see The Social Network with my J460 class, then go to one of my bestie’s, Brandy, house for the duck game, and then we were going to go out to dinner and to the bars for my bday, since our schedules don’t let us see each other during the week. 😦

Well…… on the way to the movie, I was coming around a corner on the Hwy and my steering went out. It was the scariest thing I have experienced in a longgg time, and even scarier because I was alone and couldn’t control my car. It was pouring, the roads were slick and I spun around a good 4-5 times before finally stopping, but I was facing the on-coming traffic who would be coming around the corner with little to no-time to stop before smashing me. I was shaking, scared and had no idea what to do. (I had somehow escaped slamming into the railing on the side of the road, but I can’t say that facing the wrong way in the middle of the Hwy was any better at the exact moment). Luckily the next on-coming car saw me, slammed their brakes and barely grazed my car, still jolted me a bit though. They got out, and pushed my car to the side of the Hwy., and I was still facing the wrong way, but at least I was out of the way. I called my husband and parents, who came right away. My dad was surprised that he had to tell me and explain to me what power steering fluid is and where it goes….. what can I say, I don’t know much about cars.

After putting fluid in, and test driving it around, my husband drove it home. We agreed that it was a mix of the steering and the fact that I was going fast and it was the 1st rain of awhile. When I first lost control, my instinct was of course to brake… which I know is the worst thing, but my foot hit that brake and it was bad. I feel so lucky though, that things did not turn out worse. After talking with a friend today, the same thing happened on the same corner to her and a friend hours before. We all feel really lucky to have escaped alive.

While I was not seriously injured, my neck was very sore and I was really shaken up. I cancelled going to Brandy’s for the game, and the husband and I just curled up and watched it at home. I was waiting to see if I felt better to go out, but as the day went on my head/neck hurt more and more. I hated canceling on everyone and not getting to go out for my bday, but I didn’t feel like doing anything. I also would have been ignoring a huge amount of hw, that by staying home I was able to get some of it done. I have learned in the last few months, that there will always be another time to go out and have fun, so when I really feel bad, or feel like going out make it so I don’t get things done, I just need to stay in. It is hard, but worth it in the end!


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