Google/Sony TV… thoughts?

(credit to Mashable)

On Wednesday, Oct. 13th, Sony/Google released the new Google TV. It is an internet-enable TV that allows you to surf the net and add things, while watching your TV shows. It also allows for Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, sports stuff, blogs and Twitter to be brought directly to your TV.

“Sony’s new Internet HDTVs, unveiled earlier today at a press event in New York City, sport 1080p edge-lit LED screens, with the exception of the 24-inch model. They come with four USB ports, four HDMI inputs and Wi-Fi capabilities. They are available in four sizes: 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch and 46-inch. The 24-inch model rings in at $599, while the 46-inch will cost you $1,399.” – Mashable article

I presented this topic in my J460 class, and the assignment was to come up with a few questions to ask the class….

1- Are we ready for this? The fact that older generations are still trying to learn the internet, and the ones who can use this technology are still at a point where their parents would have to buy it for them… is any parent really going to spend this $$ for a TV that they don’t understand? Is it going to worsen the  digital divide considering many people don’t yet even have computers with internet?

2- What does all this mean for cable companies and networks? Will people now just fully use Hulu,ect?

3- What are the advantages/disadvantages to this technology?

My opinion is somewhat varied, while I think it is a great technology and will be useful, I am not sure it is worth it when I can sit on my iphone, ipad and laptop and do the same things while watching TV. But what I do think is cool is that you can be watching a sports event and have the live internet chats, stats and feeds going on in the same screen. It def. is something that targets the Net Gen…. it adds to the already heavily discussed topic of the Net Gen kids (ages 11-30) and the Next Gen (0-10) brains being re-wired to multi-task and function on dif. levels of those of the previous generations. It would be overwhelming to say my parents, but to me it looks user-friendly and isn’t something I don’t do already.

At first I thought it might be too early (Net gen/Next gen kids do not have the money for this yet, and I certainly know that when I was a kid my parents would have not put this tech. in our living room because it is too advanced for them, and they certainly wouldn’t have gotten it for my room.) BUT… as was pointed out in my class, they are right on sched. in marketing this, because a majority of the Net geners are graduating college and starting their careers, and want the newest technologies.

I am very excited to see where this goes, and as far as the cable companies and networks, I think they will be fine. Google has already made it a point to have it integrated with existing cable and DVRs.


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