Coast getaway!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, the hubby and I went to the coast this weekend for our bdays. It was a bye weekend for the ducks, and it fell in between our bdays! We left on Friday after work and came back Saturday, it was a quick getaway, but fun and just what we needed.

We made a stop in Florence to use our bday players club slot play at Three Rivers (we had bad luck this trip). Then we ate dinner and watched the sunset from Mo’s in Old Town Florence. We then headed up the coast to Lincoln City. We stopped to get wine & beer and a piece of cake for our bday! The hotel was amazing, it felt like a honeymoon suite! We immediately made use of the hottub on our deck overlooking the ocean! It felt so good just to kick back with wine and relax.

Saturday we went for an early morning hottub dip and finished off the wine. Then we went out to breakfast and went to the Lincoln City Outlet stores, where I got amazing deals at Gap, Hollister, AE and Aero. This was the 1st time I have been there and NOT gone into Coach, I just knew better… we are trying to save for the holidays!

We had a great weekend getaway, even though it was short it was nice to getaway together!



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