Proud to be a duck!

I am sure by now I do not need to go on and on about how AMAZING the ducks are…. but let me just say we are now 7-0 && are #1 in AP/Coaches and #2 (for now) in the BCS!

Last night’s game against UCLA, who beat #9 Texas by 22 at Texas, just confirmed how good the ducks really are! I know we have a lot of hard games ahead and I will admit… I am NERVOUS… but I have faith in Chip & my ducks! USC at SC is hard… as well as CAL at CAL… we do not play well at either of those places, but we have never had the team we have now either. Arizona and WA we have at home… and well AUTZEN is where teams go to RIP! Civil War is always a different game, and while I a slightly nervous.. I know the ducks will shine!

Some of my fav quotes that I have heard after last nights game:

‎”We don’t look at it like we’re the top-ranked team. We just look at it like we’re the Oregon Ducks.” -LaMichael James

“The United States of College Football Fans wanted a blockbuster, but Oregon said “whatever” and put on a lousy show. Boring! There was no drama in the Ducks’ 60-13 vivisecting of UCLA. There was no suspenseful moment when you sat on the edge of your seat. There was no “Rocky Balboa” getting off the canvas. There was no sports poetry whatsoever. It was just a one-sided brutalizing that probably had mommies and daddies across the country covering their children’s eyes.” -Ted Miller

“You could almost imagine Ducks coach Chip Kelly walking to midfield among the bloodied Bruins and shouting in his best gladiator voice, “Are you not entertained?” -Ted Miller

“That was impressive,” Neuheisel said. “I’ll leave it at that. That was impressive.” -UCLA Coach

Oh and did I mention we had the ball for half as much time… and scored 60-13??



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