Hubby’s 29th bday

Today was the love of my life’s 29th bday! I am so blessed to have him in my life and can’t express how lucky I am. Last night I took him out to Bepe & Gianni’s Italian Trattoria… he has been wanting to go there for years now, we just never got around to it. It was going to be a complete surprise but he managed to guess it as we were leaving. The food & wine was amazing… we ordered a bottle of really nice wine && had a great time! It is a great place with a cozy and romantic feel to it tucked away by campus in the foothills of the Hendricks Park hill.  After dinner, we went and saw SALT, he has been wanting to see it but we rarely ever have the time to go see movies these days.

Today, we just hung out with family and at home. He got some video game time in while I did homework. We had a great irish dinner at his mom’s house (shepards pie, a favorite in their family).

Happy bday baby… I can’t wait for the many more to come!


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