I used to view being overwhelmed as a bad thing – meaning you were somehow failing at everything you had on your plate. I have learned though over the years that being overwhelmed simply teaches you how to deal with things and come up with solutions. While I feel overwhelmed on a weekly basis, somehow I always work through it and get that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that makes it all worth it! But here are some tips I found to keep you going until you get those feelings of accomplishment;

  • prioritize – rank everything you need to get done in order of importance and start from the top
  • simplify your life – analyze every aspect of your life and where you are bogged down, omit the things that aren’t important to you
  • pace yourself – don’t push past your limit
  • adjust and adapt – if one plan just isn’t working allow yourself to switch to a different plan
  • set rewards – give yourself a treat when you accomplish something huge (a day at the spa works wonders for me!)
  • achieve a balance in your life 😉


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