midterms, coffee, life and bubble baths!

So week 5 of a college term is always a fun one…. NOT!

Fall term is by far the best & worst term of college…. why? Well DUCK FOOTBALL…. and the worst… cold and flu season. Every year without a doubt I manage to get sick about the time of midterms. I have a feeling that since there are 20something thousand other students on campus that we are a bacteria-infested place of learning. Cold and flu season hit UO this past couple weeks.. and it hit hard. I had many teachers and friends out sick. I am a person with A LOT on my plate so I cannot really just be absent from the world for a few days… this left me with no choice but to get up and at least tend to everything via email. While I was down with a fever, chills, sore throat and you name it, I fell somewhat behind. Thanks to coffee, advil, benadryl and a loving husband I am slowly catching up. This has just been one of those weeks that you wish wouldn’t end because you know you cannot possibly accomplish everything you need to get done… but at the same time you can’t wait to kiss it goodbye and be done with it.

While I am slowly writing papers, cramming for tests and reading case studies… I am also realizing the importance of finding time for me and to de-stress and feel better. I am one who stresses out when I am sick because not only do I feel yucky, but I am getting behind.. a feeling I do not cope with well.

There are a few things that have/will put a smile on my face tonight- I am going to take a BUBBLE BATH and have a glass of wine to relax, I just finished an amazing toffee mocha from starbucks, I got one HUGE assignment done, my hubby cooked dinner for us and I will take a hw break for COMEDY WEDNESDAY.

I always try and find the good in everyday and situation no matter how bad i am feeling… and it always tends to brighten my day 😉


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