UO PRSSA && USA network PSYCH!

Last night UO PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) teamed up with USA network and AMP agency to bring the season 5 premiere showing of PSYCH to UO campus. It was a crazy, fun and eventful night… but that is event planning! It was fun to see so many people come who are passionate about the show. (I am not a die-hard but it is a good show). There were well over 300 people at the event. One of the writers spoke for awhile after they showed the season 5 opening episode. He answered questions from the audience and asked trivia questions about the show – some pretty sweet swag was given away too! There was an adorable little boy in the audience who was just so excited to be apart of it all!

Here is the Facebook link to the UO PYSCH college tour site… you can see pictures and what everyone had to say!

Here is a link to the UO tour photos!

It was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make it a success.

(Shawn & Gus reppin’ UO… photo courtesy of UOPRSSA)

(meet & greet with one of the writers… photo courtesy Psych FB page)

Page & I in our rockin’ PRSSA shirts!


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