ducks… 8-0!

After watching the Ducks give it to the Trojans on their own turf last night I woke up and said, “We will play in Arizona come Jan. 10!”

While we made a few mistakes, we were there on offense and defense and we showed the nation why we belong in the national championship.

(Photo courtesy Oregonlive)

From the Washington Post….

On one side would be Cam Newton and Auburn, the SEC’s unstoppable force. On the other side would be LaMichael James and Oregon, a supersonic scoring machine from the Pac-10.

With five weeks left in the season, a potential BCS championship matchup with potent possibilities has developed.

“There is starting to be this realization of two really good teams, that have the two best players in the country representing their offenses, and it would be a lot of fun to watch,” said ESPN analyst Craig James, who has covered both the Tigers and the Ducks this season. Read more here.

I can’t say it enough….. I LOVE MY DUCKS!!!


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