Seniors 11′

“The graduating class of 2011 will have seen more duck football wins than any other class in the university’s history.”


Autzen <3

“Autzen Stadium is arguably the most electric atmosphere in all of the Pacific 10 Conference. Between the crisp field and bowl-style seating, Autzen is truly the Rolls Royce of college stadiums. But the earth-shattering atmosphere starts and ends with Oregon’s die-hard fans.”

-Mike Schmitz, Arizona Daily Wildcat

Why thank you, I quite love it too, in fact it is one of my FAVORITE places!

life = football

At least from Sept. – Jan. it is….

This weekend was one for the books… && a great one for us DUCKS!

– DUCKS killed AZ at home && are now the PAC10 champs again and we will remain #1!

– Boise St. WENT DOWN!! They lost in overtime to Nevada…. finally!

– Beavs.. well I am sad for my beav friends this year

– Auburn won, while I have mixed feelings on this I think overall it will be better to go to the NC and beat an SEC team rather than one like TCU



#snOMG day!

#snOMG was the popular thing trending on Twitter late last night, early this morning and even this afternoon. While we rarely see snow in the valley let alone in November, it was quite a treat for some. All Oregon schools were closed…. except the UO. Really? Luckily a few teachers were nice enough to cancel classes realizing that not all students live on-campus. (LTD buses were delayed and some routes weren’t running… my friend went to go to class and got 1 block down my street and slid.) As if snow wasn’t bad enough we got word around 1:30pm that Knight Library and Lillis Business Complex were under bomb threats. It was quite the interesting day to say the least!


Last night we finally saw HP7! We didn’t get to attend the midnight showing because I had a makeup midterm the next morning && Sat worked best for us and our friends! I have some complaints of course, but overall great movie! I knew exactly when it was about to end though… now to wait for part II.

Dove brand video

This is a rough draft of the Brand Essence Video I am helping make for my J444 ad management class. My lovely group member, Katie, and I spent all morning (yes Sat. morning) at Ballmer Lab in Allen Hall working on it. The object of the project is to create a personality for the brand and explain its purpose. We took what we were given in a creative brief about the Campaign for Real Beauty and ran with it….