a real excuse to SHOP

Last night I went shopping… for those of you who have seen my two closets, four dressers and god knows how many shoes, I had a real reason this time!!

While I like to think my wardrobe is fashionable, it is very college-oriented. Now that I am a member of AHPR – a full-service client agency – and Co-VP on professional PRSSA, I needed business clothes!

It was fun going shopping for a whole new look; a look I have wanted for awhile now but never had the excuse to go out and re-do my wardrobe. While wearing 4″ heels all day on campus still sounds dreadful, and I do LOVE heels, I found some really cute practical heels. For the days I do not feel like practical I will continue to change before my meetings.

Gone are the days of hollister hoodies and sweat pants and Uggs. For once I feel like a professional in the PR world and not just another college student sitting in a 400+ lecture about the anatomy of frogs. I have to say it feels AMAZING!

oh, && I cannot forget the cute accessories too!


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