pdx <3

I am a Portland girl… born at OHSU. Luckily I married a man who shares the same love as I do for the rose city. We have many friends there, and know that as of right now it is where we want to settle. Of course we have other ideas and dreams as well – He dreams of working for ughhh yes Microsoft (i am an apple girl) or one of the other computer places in the Seattle area. I dream of NY, LA or D.C., but Portland is where our hearts are. Every minute spent in Portland feels like home. From the walks on the eastbank esplanade to the nights out downtown, the countless hours spent lost in Powells, the brewery blocks, the pearl and the sunday drives to mt.hood; Portland is amazing.

We are hoping to move in a little less than 6 months! While sitting here saying it seems like it will be an eternity I know it will go by fast! (it is already week 7 of fall term! YIKES!) Anyway, we have been apartment hunting and networking with companies in the area. We cannot wait to graduate, get careers & be professionals and eventually start a family. We also cannot wait to travel and see the world, something we are both passionate about.

We are both so excited for the future ❤

(photo credit- Tedrico.com)



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