One word: STARBUCKS. Now during the non-holiday months, I typically live off one coffee a week from starbucks, and the rest I make at home with my espresso machine! But during the holidays I am addicted…. pumpkin spice latte, gingerbread latte and last but not least – Peppermint mocha extra mocha (lately triple shot, venti).

While trying to convince myself that I will work off the 400 calories (1) grande peppermint mocha has I ran across this justification from the starbucks website…. Winter is all about traditions, big sweaters and above all else, staying warm with the ones you love. That’s why this season is the perfect time to take a moment with your friends, family or simply by yourself, and experience the delicious Peppermint Mocha. ❤

People aren’t really supposed to calorie-count during the holidays right? 


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