Portland Bound!!!

So today I got news that I have been waiting on for what seems like an eternity….. I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE UO PDX SENIOR EXPERIENCE! The senior experience is an internship program that is offered to seniors in their last term at UO. It is offered in Portland through White Stag building (UO campus in PDX). I will be taking my last capstone class and working at an internship starting March 28 and ending in June when I graduate UO! For more info on it click here! I am so very very excited to be a part of this unique group. I had my interview Monday after applying earlier this term with a full portfolio and essay. So winter term will be my last term as a college kid on the eugene UO campus… kinda sad but soooooooooooo exciting!

Shaun and I are so happy because we feel that things are finally moving forward for us. 4 years is a long time to be in the “college phase” and we are more than ready to move on. Of course I have dreams of NY, LA, SF but Portland is also an ideal location for us as well… it all depends on the job offers at this point. People ask us… why don’t you guys just stay in Eugene? BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO!! But more than that… we have lived here all our lives, and while Shaun was in the Navy and did see the world, we are ready for a new chapter. We love our friends && family and will be around often, but we are ready for a new adventure. We are sick & tired of Eugene and living in a small city. Another main reason is we both want big careers, and Eugene DOES NOT offer the jobs in what we want to do. We want to experience city life, we want to be on our own away from the parents, we want to immerse ourselves in new things && places…. we need to get out of this town! But whatever we do and wherever we go … we will always LOVE OUR DUCKS and have season tickets!

We are apartment hunting now…. as Shaun may move as early as xmas break and no later than Feb, as I will be coming up spring break!! We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives… it is what both of us truly want!

(photo credit: melissa mcclure)

(photo credit)


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