Yay for awesome companies!

So I recently (thank you Twitter suggestions) discovered… Ziba. Ziba is a great design company that I would DIE to work for (PDX office). I love advertising && PR (my 2 majors) but I also love design (I have a minor in digital arts). Growing up when people would ask me what I wanted to do some of my answers were- be a fashion designer, design the packages that stuff comes in, make the TV and magazine commercials, be a princess, travel the world and write about it, be a mommy and be creative. Now once I realized that being a princess was never going to happen and that while I LOVE fashion, the fashion design world is not for me (I spent a week my senior year of HS at a fashion school in SanFran and while it was amazing and fun I learned it was a lot different than I thought).

The design of packages, logos, posters, signs, ads, communication strategies and now interactivity is one of the things I am passionate about. I am both creative and a writer. Ziba does amazing work for great clients and I am super impressed! While my degrees will be in advertising and PR…. there are so many more things I could see myself doing… product, package and retail design being some of those things… I love my choice of majors and couldn’t be happier, but people do ask.. why didn’t you pursue product design? I have a fairly simple answer.. UO just recently started offering any classes of that nature and my choices before were limited to that icky school 45 minutes north or out of state. I feel that given my passion, my digital arts minor and my understanding of brands and media I would be a great fit at a company like this!


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