5 more days!

5 more days and I am done with my last fall term ever…. sad but happy at the same time. Fall term is always the best because of DUCK FOOTBALL! I will miss the wild student section && the free tickets, but I am ready to move on (box seats?). To kick off Xmas break the hubby && I are going up to PDX for a Blazer game, apartment searching for spring, shopping, bar night and a meeting/tour for the PDX experience!! I cannot wait. I just want to be in PDX sipping a cocktail at the bar, watching the blazers play, going to the grotto for the lights, shopping and prepping for our move in 115 days or less!!

On a side note, those of you who know me are probably thinking wait what.. I thought she was a Laker fan? I am… I am from PDX && love my blazers, but I also love KOBE and the Lakers, so as long as they are not playing each other I am good. When they do play each other I hope for a good game, good plays and a Blazer win! Gotta go with RIP CITY!


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