24 hours

I am 24 hours away from being done with my last fall term ever! I also can finally start on my to-do list that I have for Xmas break!

Some of the things include:

  • organizing/sorting everything we own to downsize for move to PDX
  • trips to PDX to check out the scene, meet with industry professionals and get an apartment
  • SHOP
  • work at my mom’s shop
  • read
  • lay around and watch TV/movies
  • dates with the hubby
  • hang out with friends
  • go out to bars
  • make a ROCKING portfolio website and update all my stuff
  • work on my photography
  • random little trips
  • skiing
  • snow days
  • coast
  • seeing family
  • seattle
  • holiday get-togethers
  • baking
  • car shopping
  • and more PDX fun

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