new baby!

I will forever cherish my 1st car (from HS) – 1995 SRS cherry red Mustang – but it was time to get a NEW CAR! I needed something that got way better gas mileage and was reliable to travel a lot in as I will be driving from here to PDX a lot! After test driving 2010 chargers, BMW 300s, Acuras, Audis, 2010 mustangs (hubby says we needed 4door car, which is true) I chose a 2010 VW Jetta. I had a 2001 VW bug back in the day for a short period of time and love the way they drive. My fav. handling is a beamer but a Jetta is the closest to it, and I loved the 2010 one!! It is brand new with then 103 miles. (I bought it a week ago today with 103 miles – it now has 1,018 miles…. if you couldn’t tell from my last post, i am NEVER home).

Anyway, I love it! It drives so nice && is all leather interior with a built in bluetooth. It came with 17″ tires and rims instead of the regular 15″, which I love! Shaun named her Gretta… grey Jetta. I loved stangy and sold her to a good friend who has been my bestie since HS and also has memories with her. It is AMAZING to be driving a brand new car though with all the bells & whistles!

Merry Xmas to me the hubby says!

(Stangy in the snow – she was a great 1st car)



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