Angry Birds Rio!

Come March my addiction will be added to….

Oh man! Damn those pigs!

&& a movie in April!



pdx weekend

This weekend it was my turn to go to PDX (Shaun came down last weekend). While I love coming up, I get so easily distracted being in the new place! All I want to do is hangout, explore, go out to eat and shop! It is hard to stay focused on homework. I came up Friday and we went out to dinner with our friends, Tommy & Nicole & baby Greyson at Mandarin Cove (really good Chinese restaurant by our place). Today we hung out with them again and I babysat Greyson… I love him! My parents came up to visit us tonight and we went out to eat at Deschutes Brewery.

I have learned to cherish every moment with the hubby… when you only get to see each other on the weekends it makes you realize how precious time is. I am not ready to go home tomorrow and spend another week without him.

Sunny days

Today it was super sunny and nice out… warm too! Unfortunately, I had to miss it all because I was stuck inside doing homework. My bestie/roomie and I wanted to go on a hike but I had to stay disciplined and do hw. I did workout out inside, but I feel like when it is sunny && I could be outside being active but I have to be inside sitting on my ass doing hw it is wrong. Homework is important but should I give up being active for it? Ughhhhh…. I knew though I had no time to give up today to hike & was so sad. It was a tiny glimpse of spring out there…. so nice!

(photo via Ryan Jackson)

Loving my life…

Everything is coming together! I got a call this morning that the hubby landed a computer job in PDX with a company that is worldwide and well-known. He will be working with the XBOX LIVE team!! So excited for him! I am finishing up my last term, which is going great, busy but great. I am growing and learning so much everyday and feel like a professional finally! We are so happy… it is amazing! It has been a rough road… but we are finally reaching our goals!

Shaun’s job has an 8week training program starting Jan. 31st where he cannot take ANY days off. We had a trip to VEGAS planned for St. Pattys that he will not be able to attend.. while I am bummed… my bestie of 10years will come instead!! 😉 We went together once in HS, under 21, it will be a blast to go again! I am super excited! My bestie Katelyn and her boy are also coming!!

I live & breathe

16 upper division J classes….


(logo by our own Paris)


(logo by Me)

I am in Allen Hall veryyy often, but somehow I love it. 17 weeks left… beyond excited, but sad and scared. This is the life I know… this is what is comfortable, this is what I am good at… I have built myself up here…I work hard and am dedicated && am coming to terms that while grad. couldn’t come faster, I will miss it … A LOT.

Here’s to the next 17 weeks of dedication and hard work!

Best of friends

So I have always known that I have AMAZING friends.. but today I realized they are more than amazing!

My hubby is away in PDX (he is who normally gets the tasks of warming leftovers for me while I rush off to class or am glued to my computer, or he brings me meals at Allen hall – my real home). My roomie is my best friend of 10 years and she has been cooking us amazing meals and having them ready for me when I get home… I am spoiled! Then today while spending my life in Allen Hall working like a madman on AHPR, PRSSA and homework all at the same time (good thing I multi-task well… I literally had a project for each in a window and was working on all 3 at once), one of my other besties, Katelyn, brought me PANDA! If it wasn’t for her, I probably would still be passed out on the floor of Brainerd Lab.

I love you guys!