a new term!

My last term on campus in Eugene… bittersweet.










(photo via Flickr)

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I got accepted in the PDXSX Senior Experience for spring term where I will be taking my last PR class and doing an internship! So this is my last term on campus… I am excited to move on and start my profession life, but will miss campus. I love UO campus.

This term will be tough… last term was killer with 4 400 level classes, but with a lot of hard work I managed to get a 3.89 (Dean’s list again). This term I again have 4 upper division J classes, but they are harder! I am taking Ad campaigns with the 2 hardest PR classes before PR campaigns and a digital storytelling class (last class for my digi arts minor).

Also, I will within the next 2 weeks be finishing moving my hubby to our new place in PDX and I will continue to live on I5. But like I always tell myself….. I CAN DO IT!

Oh I also have NO TESTS this term. Quizzes yes, but no midterms or finals. I have tons of projects, case studies, PR plans and an ad campaign, but no tests. Not to say it won’t be just as much work as a test if not a lot more, but I disagree with testing so I am stoked. I think testing is a lazy way out of it. I hate multiple choice tests… HATE them. They don’t measure how much a student knows, they measure how well a student can guess. There really is no way to tell who actually worked their ass off and did all the readings or who simply is lucky at guessing. I have gotten the same grade as students who don’t even own the text books and it pisses me off to no end. With projects you actually have to put effort into it, plus who would rather sit and color in bubbles on a scantron over creating a campaign or other creative work?

I love my major!


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