So exicted!

I just book airfare to VEGAS (yes, this is my 22nd time) for St. Patty’s (yes we went last year for st. patty’s and in august) with the hubby and the bestie and her boy and maybe brother and his girl. The usual Hilton… and a weekend of good dirty fun in the best place on earth… I can’t wait. I have never had a bad time in Vegas despite the hangovers and loss of wayyy too much $$! We are also there for March Madness…. a great time to be betting in Vegas!

This is my bestie’s 1st time… so excited to be a part of it! Vegas is my 2nd home… and I want to get as many people to love it like I do! I grew up going to Vegas for trade shows with my parents (I am a licensed retail wholesale buyer) and it just became a part of life. I celebrated my 21st there, went on our honeymoon there and many other holidays and most recently our 3rd anniversary!

Last St. Pattys on Freemont St.

Anniversary trip – loungin’ at the pool drinks in hand!



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