Best of friends

So I have always known that I have AMAZING friends.. but today I realized they are more than amazing!

My hubby is away in PDX (he is who normally gets the tasks of warming leftovers for me while I rush off to class or am glued to my computer, or he brings me meals at Allen hall – my real home). My roomie is my best friend of 10 years and she has been cooking us amazing meals and having them ready for me when I get home… I am spoiled! Then today while spending my life in Allen Hall working like a madman on AHPR, PRSSA and homework all at the same time (good thing I multi-task well… I literally had a project for each in a window and was working on all 3 at once), one of my other besties, Katelyn, brought me PANDA! If it wasn’t for her, I probably would still be passed out on the floor of Brainerd Lab.

I love you guys!


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