Valentine’s Love

Being 2hours away from my love is hard, especially when we are used to spending every day together and have for the past 5 years. As hard as it is, it does make us cherish every little moment we do have together. We knew going into the weekend that we weren’t going to be able to spend actual Valentin’e Day together but that instead we were going to have a weekend Vday fest. I went up to PDX on Thursday night (hubby works M-F 3-11 right now training with Microsoft), but on the way up I stopped at Woodburn to get him Nikes and of course I found super cute heels at White House Black Market. I also got him Plants vs. Zombies for Xbox since he is so addicted to his iphone version. We decided we didn’t want to wait any longer and gave each other our gifts… he surprised me with a GORGEOUS diamond bracelet! I love him so much!

Friday we went to lunch at one of our favs – Buffalo Wild Wings – and to Ikea to get the rest of our bed set. He went to work and I spent the day cleaning the PDX apt. and doing his laundry for him. I also made one of his favs – homemade mac & cheese with chicken, salad and biscuits. I bought a bunch of red heart balloons and had the place ready when he walked him. We ate dinner and had a great night together, cherishing every moment and trying not to let the fact that we have to spend yet another week apart get to us.

Saturday we finally had a whole day together. We were planning on going to the coast actually Friday night but we decided not to. We did some homework Sat. morning and then went out shopping at Washington Square, ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then went and saw Just go with it and did more shopping at Bridgeport. It was another great night.

It was one of the best Vday weekends && I love you baby!


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