Sorry I have been so non-exisistant on here lately…. Winter term was KILLER, as I knew it would be being my last term on campus at UO. A lot of people think I am done… not yet… I have 11 more weeks until I am a college grad, but my 11 weeks will be spent in PORTLAND at UO’s PDX campus. I am doing the Portland Senior Experience, I will be taking my last 2 capstone classes and interning 20+ hours a week. So while I am done at UO Eugene campus, I still have a few weeks left as a college kid!

It is definitely different…. last Thursday was my LAST day on campus… I felt lost the whole day. I just wandered saying goodbye to all my amazing teachers, friends and “UO family.” It is so surreal to think that I will never have another class at UO and in Allen Hall again. UO/Allen Hall was my life for 2+ years, I spent everyday there and oftentimes 12+ hours a day in class and working in Allen Hall. Over the years Allen Hall became my “home” and I built a family there. I knew of secret comfy places to take naps, I knew all the faculty personally, I went to coffee hours/luncheons and so much more. So many memories — Allen 221, Ballmer lab, Winter room, Duniway and more. It it great to be moving on, but it was also hard to say goodbye.


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