Great 1st official weekend

So far it has been a great weekend… and it is my 1st official weekend living in PDX. I spent the week unpacking, running errands, organizing and relaxing while the hubby worked. Thursday night after he got off we went out downtown for St. Patty’s Day to McFadden’s and Kells, it was a great night! Friday after he got off work we went bowling/drinking with his new co-worker friends, I got pretty tipsy and we had a blast – shut the bars down at last call and stumbled in around 3am. Today we strolled walked the dogs on the waterfront, our door is steps from SW waterfront. Then we wandered around the Pearl, ate at Jakes, wandered around Powell’s, got gelato and just explored PDX. Tonight we went back to Kells for more of the Irish Festival, Shaun (who is Irish) wanted to see the Bagpipers, eat some Irish food and drink beer, we also watched part of the 1st Timbers game, they lost but it was still fun to watch under the tent. Overall it has been a great 1st weekend in the city!


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