Powerful advertising

(Image via adsoftheworld)

As an ad major when my friend Katelyn posted this on her AMAZING blog it immediately got my attention. Not only is this a powerful ad conveying an even more powerful message, but it is not the typical GIVE MONEY, DONATE ads we are used to seeing after a disaster. Not that there is anything wrong with those ads, but there is this little thing called message overload, or getting lost in the sea of messages just like it…. because we (I) are so used to the typical ads, it can often times take something different and out of the ordinary to catch audience attention. This may sound bad, but I oftentimes tune out messages just asking for money simply because I see so many of them and they all blend together after awhile, while this ad may not even be asking for $$ directly, it caught my attention and made me realize the actual devastation Japan recently encountered even though I have seen all the images in the media and watched it on the news, for me this ad did what it was supposed to do, good job WWF and ad agency DDB Brazil.


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