Little life update!

Today was the 1st day of spring term… MY LAST TERM AS AN UNDERGRAD! A week ago I had decided I was absolutely not going to consider grad school, mainly because I thought there were no programs I want near me, BUT then I ran across UO’s PR/Strategic Communications Masters offered through the PDX Turnbull center and am re-thinking that decision however, they prefer you go out and work for 2-3 years and then come back for it… but the program is PERFECT for what I want to do. Anyway as I said, it is my last term as an undergrad.. it has been a longgg but amazing 4 years – 76 days till GRAD! I can’t wait to walk across that stage. It feels weird not to be on UO campus… I do miss all my friends, my amazing teachers and the campus environment, oh and ALLEN HALL – it was my 2nd home for a good 3 years. While I miss campus, I am loving it here too!

Today was also my 1st day as the Public Information Intern for the Mayor with the City of Beaverton – no beaver jokes… they are old, Beaverton is a great town and just happens to be home of NIKE aka UNCLE PHIL and DUCK CITY, so there! I pass NIKE everyday and dream of one day working there… but for now I am very happy where I am! I had a great 1st day and wrote a press release and researched articles for two more! I met the Mayor of Beaverton and everyone was so welcoming and nice, def. feels like a great fit! I have my own cubicle and I get to spend the next few days DECORATING it! There is a mix of ducks & beavers and football season is a great time at the office from the sounds of it! It felt so good to dress up and go to work today and have my own cubicle, phone line and e-mail address with the city. I already have made a lot of media contacts too.

Shaun is working away with Stream Global Services… he is IT for a client in which I cannot say online BUT it has to do with video games and he is loving it. He has made some great new work friends and we all hang out – bowling, drinking, movies, etc. We have hung out the past two weekends with his new work friends. In addition to working 40+ hours a week, spending 2-3 hours a day on the MAX, he is finishing up his Bachelors in Computer Information Technology & Programming online with NCU and should be done sometime next year!

In our free time we have been exploring PDX, eating out, shopping and we started watching LOST.. we are new to it and are really getting into it! I will devote a new blog post to our PDX explorations.


One thought on “Little life update!

  1. I am so happy for you two. Who would have thought this is where our lives would lead us two and a half years ago. I love you both, and you better come visit me!

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