Great day

It is Friday & 60 degrees/sunny…. I scored four pairs of Se7en jeans for a total of $125… I got to wear my cute, new Jimmy Choo heels…. my boss LOVED the first draft of my current project and left me a voicemail and then went out of his way to come tell me he thought it was perfect….. I took the dogs on a nice walk on the waterfront…. the plans for my 2nd Vegas trip in two months are finalized….. and I am going to Happy Hour/Beer & Wine festival with good friends here in a bit… TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

Oh, and I hung out with my apartment’s adopted squirrel… I named him Chester… He eats out of our hands & lets us hold him!


Fill in the blank Friday

1.   Fridays are ….  the end of the workweek. I get off early at 2, run errands (nails, hair, shopping, etc.) If it is nice out I take the dogs for a walk and then I clean the house. After the hubby gets off work, I cook dinner and we watch movies/TV shows. Fridays are our relax nights since he doesn’t get off until 9, and I love having a dedicated relax night! I look forward to Fridays, Saturdays are different.. we go out!
2.  The simple things in life, traveling, art, cities, friends, family, my hubby, fresh baked cookies, gelato, cupcakes, shoes, the beach and waterfalls  …. make me terribly happy.
3.  Something that inspires me is …..  other people’s blogs, magazines, movies, artists, teachers, those who have made it in advertising and PR and certain celebrities.
4.  If I had the day off today I would…. Deep cleaned my house, laid out in the sun, gone for a pedicure, enjoyed the sun some more and worked on my portfolio.
5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is…. not something I can afford as a college kid. Right now we have a trendy little one bedroom flat on SW waterfront… style = IKEA with a urban theme. I absolutely love home decor and can’t wait until I have the money to actually do something. I love everything from vintage and rustic to modern and urban, we will see where the path takes me.
6.  Concerning politics I would say I’m…   a republicrat. I vote with who I think will make the best person in office, not the party. I think both Republicans AND Democrats have some serious problems and both have good things about them. I agree/disagree with things on both sides.
7.  I’d like to go to    EVERYWHERE… but I will say Europe      so I could… immerse myself in the culture, history and everything else!
Fill in the blank Friday is brought to you by Lauren… if you want to play, go check it out!

A favorite quote

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream. Discover”

Thank you to Anika Burke for reminding me of this today! For those who have no idea who Anika is, check out her amazing boutique here! (This is where my oh-so-cute shirts/shoes come from that I am always getting compliments on).


I have a lot to blog about but NO time, hopefully later this week I can catch up!

In the meantime, I have a new class (Portland Senior Experience) blog that I will be updating more frequently, you can check it out here! It is all about life if PDX, interning and more.

While I do miss my friends & family in Eugene, I am loving life in Portland, it is an amazing city (also where I was born)!

Seattle, again!

This past weekend we went to Seattle/Mercer Island to visit some close friends who live up there while the husband works on a project for his work (they are originally in PDX). I love the Seattle/Mercer Island/Bellevue area! We spent Saturday at Bellevue Square and Saturday evening exploring some of the different districts. We had an amazing dinner/drinks at Volterra, and Italian place in the Ballard district, I HIGHLY recommend it if you are ever in the area – great food, wine and drinks. After dinner we had cupcakes from Cupcake Royal, another must – I had the coconut lime, AMAZING.

A big highlight of the weekend was getting to see their cutie Greyson! I love this kid and just couldn’t get enough!

Uncle Shaun & Greyson


The weekend went by fast, but it was great to see everyone!

67 days & counting


Some days it seems so far off, others it seems so close! Yesterday was one of those days it felt so close. I made a quick 12hour trip to Eugene to go to the Grad Fair at the bookstore. I got my cap, gown, tassel (pink/red aka xmas colors with gown – ughhhh – but I got a green & yellow one to just have) and announcements ordered. I also got a diploma frame and a class of 2011 giant beer mug, because we all know come June 13th at around 4pm that baby will be put to use!

Some days I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to be moving on in life in fact, most days I am. There are the occasional days when I know I will miss the freedom of breaks though – in the real world you don’t get summer, winter and spring breaks. I will miss learning and those teachers who I grew close with, I will miss the old Allen Hall, the beauty of UO campus, going to Glenwood for breakfast any time of the day, Rennie’s day drinking and more. I already miss a lot of that being in PDX, but am also loving my new life – it is definitely a transition time in life. But as one chapter closes and new ones unfold, I know I will always have amazing memories and great future memories to come!

Blazer game

On Sunday the hubby & I went to the Blazer vs. Mavericks game. It is the last game we can attend this season. 😦 The blazers won and since they got more than 100 points we got CHALUPAS, it was also Rudy’s bday – lots of exciting things and of course a couple AMAZING plays! I ❤ L-Train, Wallace, Batum, Miller, Rudy and B-Roy! BLAZER WIN!