Seattle adventure

On Saturday one of my best friends and I decided to go to Seattle for the day. My hubby had homework all day because of midterms and her hubby had his AirForce monthly weekend warrior stuff at McChord AF Base in WA. I picked her up in Tacoma and we continued on to Seattle. It was fun having a much-needed girls day. We caught up, gossiped && got lost in the city! Neither one of us have a lot of extra $$ for shopping right now so we had fun cheap adventures. Even though I have been to Seattle many times, including Pike’s Place, I have never seen the gum wall or the Freemont Troll and neither had she. It was rainy/hail but we had a great time anyway. Here are some pics-

(Gum Wall featured in Love Happens & on the Discovery Channel)

(Freemont Troll featured in 10 things I hate about you)

I ❤ Seattle! The hubby & I are going again next weekend to visit friends who live on Mercer Island!


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