67 days & counting


Some days it seems so far off, others it seems so close! Yesterday was one of those days it felt so close. I made a quick 12hour trip to Eugene to go to the Grad Fair at the bookstore. I got my cap, gown, tassel (pink/red aka xmas colors with gown – ughhhh – but I got a green & yellow one to just have) and announcements ordered. I also got a diploma frame and a class of 2011 giant beer mug, because we all know come June 13th at around 4pm that baby will be put to use!

Some days I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to be moving on in life in fact, most days I am. There are the occasional days when I know I will miss the freedom of breaks though – in the real world you don’t get summer, winter and spring breaks. I will miss learning and those teachers who I grew close with, I will miss the old Allen Hall, the beauty of UO campus, going to Glenwood for breakfast any time of the day, Rennie’s day drinking and more. I already miss a lot of that being in PDX, but am also loving my new life – it is definitely a transition time in life. But as one chapter closes and new ones unfold, I know I will always have amazing memories and great future memories to come!


2 thoughts on “67 days & counting

  1. Sounds like you and I will be missing the same things…particularly Glenwood for me! Mmm. However this is such an exciting time and I am equally ready to explore the future! Glenwood will come and go, but our education is something we will have for life.

  2. I agree, and we can always visit Eugene. Yes, GW was a tradition. 🙂 Best hangover breakfasts too! I am so happy we are getting to do PDXSX though, it is so far an amazing experience!

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