20 bizarre hotels

Bizarre/unique hotels….of course Portland has one… and the only one in the US! If you haven’t been to the Kennedy School, I suggest you go now!


Where to begin?

I know I promised to keep up better… BUT life happens right? As the title of my blog is Consuming life && all it has to offer,┬ámy only excuse for my absence is that I have been consuming life. Here is a re-cap of the last few weeks (more in-depth posts will come later about each event) –

  • I finished up spring term and my internship with the City of Beaverton
  • I GRADUATED from UO’s School of Journalism with a 4.3 for spring term and a 3.87 overall
  • I just got back from celebrating in Vegas
  • I have two interviews this week for paid internships
  • My apartment is finally getting some much needed TLC
  • My husband and I are still feeding our LOST addiction
  • I am trying to decide which new series to read on my never-ending book list
That is all for now, I need to go write thank you cards… but I promise more will come very soon!