oh love <3

Tomorrow is our 4 year wedding anniversary, so today I ventured to Target to get the hubby a card & present. As I get to the card aisle, there are three other women crowded around the anniversary for him section…. so I wait watching them all read through each card so carefully, nodding at each one with a smile on their faces. Then it was my turn and it was down to me and another girl, who was looking for a card for their 11th anniversary. As we stood together reading card after card, we realized there is no way to pick just one, and that every one had meaning to us – they each said one little thing differently, but yet it fit our lives. There were times when we had four or five cards in our hand at once wondering how we would ever decide – contemplating on buying them all and making one giant Frankenstein card with all the sayings glued together (however, that would be rather spendy at $2.99-$6.00 a card). I have made my own, but this year I have a million and 10 things to do and just don’t have the time, although I did take a pic of several other card sayings to include with this card, yes I cheat!

It was good to know that I am not the only one that faces the dilemma of wanting to buy every card at the store. As we talked over cards, we also mentioned how much effort women put into the littlest things and *most* guys will just walk into the store grab the first one they see and walk out, although all of mine have been cute and heartfelt thus far!

It was just a cute experience that left me saying… awww the things we do for our men! 


Nerd post

My friend Becca & I have very similar tastes when it comes to books and when she suggested the Mortal Instruments series, see previous blog post, for some reason I put that series above all my other books/series on my list. The first one took me a few chapters to get into… but after that I was hooked. They are a very easy read and since they are short, I finished them in days. I also read the prequel to the series && loved it too, I am now reading the 4th on in the series. But what is exciting is that I just found out they are coming out with a movie – now, while it is exciting, I really hope they don’t ruin it. The whole book I would stop and think how great this series could be done, I am excited/nervous to see what they come up with! Next up…. the Hunger Games series!

In just one week…

(& one day) I will be celebrating 4 years married to the most amazing man in the world! I love you baby and cannot wait to spend many many more years together! ❤ 

Typical loving us ❤

In years past, we have always had our anniversary plans figured out by now – but this year with the move and travels we have done so far this summer we don’t have it figured out yet – but we will soon! We are debating between the coast, the mountains, Seattle, lake fun and a cabin, or a resort like Kah-nee-ta. After going to Vegas twice in the past 2 months and SoCal as well, we are keeping this trip close to home. Plus, I am loving the thought of a long relaxing weekend with the hubby at the gorgeous Oregon Coast or relaxing in nature in the mountains or by a lake – just what we need to end this *cough* summer.

Each of our anniversary trips have been so different, yet AMAZING – and I have so many memories from all of them. Our first year we were young and had no money so we went to Portland and stayed at our favorite McMenamins, Edgefield for three nights. We got spa treatments, drank on our patio and explored PDX – that was Shaun’s 1st time to Multnomah Falls. For our second anniversary, we still were young broke kids so we spent two nights at 3Rivers and also had a great trip. Last year we managed to pull off two Vegas trips as well, and one was for our anniversary, which of course was a blast – we had a strip view suite at TI and the hubby treated me to an amazing dinner/night at Voodoo, just one of the highlights.

Not only do I love being married to my best friend, but I love having this special time together. Some people just look at anniversaries as another day, which is fine because frankly, that is my feelings towards Valentine’s Day, but for some reason we both feel that our wedding anniversary is meant to be spent doing something special. Whether we are completely broke or have tons of money, we know that the few days surrounding our anniversary will be special, this is not to say we don’t do other special things throughout the year just because. Needless to say, I am writing this post because it has been on my mind a lot lately, and I am so excited to be celebrating the best four years+ with my love.

Lane County Fair 2011

It’s that time again… the Lane County Fair! The hubby and I went last night to eat some fair food, look at exhibits, ride rides and see ERIC CHURCH! It was a great night with the hubby!

Us at the fair 🙂


Seeing Eric was great….. I love all his music & I loved dancing the night away to him with the hubby. I am going again tomorrow for ride bracelet day with my bestie Tiff… can’t wait!

Reading & Crafting

In addition to reading, I am sewing and crafting again! While my mom has all the supplies for sewing, she has limited crafting supplies so I am waiting for our next paycheck to start making some of the items on my list! Pinterest and Etsy are two of my main addictions for finding DIY and craft project ideas! Here are some of the projects on my list –

So cute & creative - I am trying to decide what print to use for the background!

I also saw a cute one that said you & me

I love this and have the crates at my mom's shop - I am going to crackle paint mine

In addition to these projects, Shaun has been begging me to make his Navy scrapbook and shadowbox with his medals… hopefully I will have them done for his bday in October (he never reads my blog, so no spoiling here).

I can read again!

Now that my life is not consumed with class reading, papers, tests, quizzes and other various homework assignments (although, I do miss school), the one thing I don’t miss is never having time to read for myself. I have recently started to find time again. My good friend recommended The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, while I have a list of series to read as long as 10 of my arms as well as new books in old series, for some reason these books jumped to the top of my list. From the moment I started them I couldn’t put them down, I finished the three she has out, and while waiting on the 4th, I am currently reading the prequel Clockwork Angel. Next on my list is the Hunger Games series, which has also been at the top of my list for quite sometime now.

I have also found time to read magazines again, although I have to admit I did use them as procrastination tools while in school. I love reading and have ever since I was a kid. I have several reading trophies that I just found while going through old things at my parents and it brought back memories of days spent engrossed in novels. Someday I hope to even write a fiction series!