Catching up

Where in the world to begin…. I know I have been mia for quite some time BUT life is changing for me! I debated whether or not to make a post for each event, but here are some recaps instead:

Graduation- On June 13, I graduated from UO with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism – PR & Ad. It was such an amazing day and weekend… even if I am not fully using my degree yet.. it feels great to have that accomplishment complete. On Saturday night, we went all out to celebrate one last night as a college kid – of course this consisted of dancing our butts off at Taylors, lots of tictacs, Rennies, Maxs and then a trip downtown to the triangle… all in all a great last night out as a college kid! On Saturday, I had a family grad party (thank you mommy, daddy & Shaun for my ipad2) and on Sunday we went and saw Cirque Du Soilel’s Dragallion. Here are some photos of the weekend festivities and big day! 



After becoming a lifetime Alumni Association member! Go ducks!

All graduated!

Me & my loving support! I love you baby!

After graduating, we went off to our favorite place, VEGAS of course, to celebrate!

Soaking up the Vegas heat

Night out

Post-grad – After graduating, I got an incredible internship with an agency in PDX, but Shaun was still jobless. After a couple weeks, we got a call that there was an open IT position with Oregon Medical Group (great starting salary, benefits and exactly the career job he is looking and qualified for… one problem… it was in Eugene). So we had a big decision… stay in PDX on just me having an internship and him not working and continue living life with no insurance, etc. or move back down for this great opportunity if he got it. Turns out he GOT it and we are now back in Eugene for the most part, which at the end of the day I am okay with. Several other things factored into our decision including some family matters, our friends and my future plans of going back to UO for a Masters, but the decision was mostly made for the job – in this economy, who can pass up a great job at a great starting salary? Not us! I say we are back in Eugene for the most part because we still have the PDX place… our intentions were to keep it through our lease, which is up in December, but we are realizing we may want that money for the biggest time of year that is around the corner, no not Xmas, DUCK FOOTBALL – so we are in the process of deciding whether or not to break our lease and as I say, “not have a vacay house in PDX.” For those who have been asking how I am dealing with it knowing how much I love PDX, I am dealing…. yes, I love PDX, I loved the daily life there and believe it or not I miss the traffic and hustle… the city is for me.. I miss the stores.. oh Nordys… I miss the food/nightlife, I miss the beauty, I miss my daily riverfront walks, I miss NW 23rd and the Pearl, HH with my PDX friends and just about everything but I know that that stuff is there for me when we visit and will always be there should we decided to move back down the road… what I don’t miss is seeing my hubby everyday sad because he did not have a job and therefore we couldn’t move forward with our lives. But I have realized no matter what I will always miss things… in PDX while loving it, I missed Eugene as well (not quite as much) but I did miss things and people. Shaun loves PDX as well, and we have agreed to go up several times a month.. so that is helping, plus seeing my hubby so happy is worth it.. he is loving his job and is doing great! In the midst of all this, we went to Vegas yet again 2 weekends ago to celebrate a good friend’s bday:

Us at Holly Madison's Peepshow!

Friday night we took the boys (we had a great time too) to Holly Madison’s Peepshow, it was a great show! We stayed out drinking, gambling and walking the strip – we had a first-timer and needed to show off the city! Saturday we lounged by the pool, shopped and gambled the day away and then went out for another great night at the PALMS (following up my 21st years ago). We ate at SIMONS at the Palms where we were treated to cocktails, a four-course meal and a platter of dessert including cotton candy! After dinner we made our way to our fav, Ghostbar! We also checked out Rain, Moon and the Playboy club where we had amazing champagne! We had VIP bracelets and loved skipping the lines and cover charges!


Windy Vegas

After our trip, Shaun started work and we are now in the process of moving back down, at least there is no immediate rush though as our rent is payed through August… I hate moving in a rush! As for me, I am taking some time off to work on getting my Masters in Education from UO. This comes as a surprise to some who knew I wanted agency life in Ad or PR. While I would not turn down the right opportunity, I also have other dreams…. I grew up working with kids and have always thought and been told I would be a great teacher as well. A Masters degree won’t hurt and I am good at school as well as I do enjoy and miss it already, and truth be told this economy is the perfect time to “hide” out in school. I also do not want to go to work and do something I hate just to have a job, and I am lucky to have a loving and supportive husband who won’t allow that to be an option. We also have shifted towards wanting to start our family soon, and while I feel I could make it work with an agency job, it would be hard and the timing feels off. My other option was a Masters in Public Policy to work in public affairs in government as I truly enjoyed my spring internship with the City of Beaverton for the Office of the Mayor, but for now, the Education path is calling my name. I am going to start volunteering in a few weeks in high school classrooms as well as the library and any other places I can to get the experience required to apply for the program at UO. I also need a couple pre-reqs in order to start the education sequence. If an opportunity in PR/Ad/Marketing arises, I will check it out as I am still interested in that field as well.

I am also working at my mom’s shop again and really getting into sewing and crafting again, it is something I truly miss. I used to make a quilt a year and tons of other things and I plan to get back into that, which makes my mom super happy! In addition to sewing, I am in the process of putting those PR/Ad skills to use and branding her business. It will take a lot of time and creativity as it is a small mom and pop shop with no real ad budget, but I am excited. I am going to also create an Etsy account so we can sell online. Although I am not in school full time, or working full time, I have tons of things I am finally able to do and catch up on and am loving this time “off.” Overall, I know these are big changes, but I am excited to see where life will take us!

I recently fell in love with this quote!


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