Friday bestie time

Yesterday, I took a day off from working with my mom to hang out with one of my best friends. We have been besties for 10 years and throughout our lives, lake days have been a staple of summer… one problem this year – the weather is FINALLY warm enough for a lake day! It was great to just relax, catch up and soak up some sun!

10 years down and many more to come!

We took forever to decide where to go… but we wound up at Windberry, the place we have gone to since we were 14 (where there are tons of silly memories – some good, some bad). Yesterday made me realize, while the people you go to the places with may come and go, the place is still the same. It was so weird to see it yesterday after years knowing that the last time I was there I was in a completely different place in life. It also made me realize that while my past is filled with what I call mistakes, I do not call them regrets and I am happy that our past happened, just as I am very happy with where I am today!


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