I can read again!

Now that my life is not consumed with class reading, papers, tests, quizzes and other various homework assignments (although, I do miss school), the one thing I don’t miss is never having time to read for myself. I have recently started to find time again. My good friend recommended The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, while I have a list of series to read as long as 10 of my arms as well as new books in old series, for some reason these books jumped to the top of my list. From the moment I started them I couldn’t put them down, I finished the three she has out, and while waiting on the 4th, I am currently reading the prequel Clockwork Angel. Next on my list is the Hunger Games series, which has also been at the top of my list for quite sometime now.

I have also found time to read magazines again, although I have to admit I did use them as procrastination tools while in school. I love reading and have ever since I was a kid. I have several reading trophies that I just found while going through old things at my parents and it brought back memories of days spent engrossed in novels. Someday I hope to even write a fiction series!


3 thoughts on “I can read again!

  1. I am reading The girl with the dragon tattoo series. I am on the last book. Actually waiting for my iPad to turn on so I can read some tonight πŸ™‚

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