oh love <3

Tomorrow is our 4 year wedding anniversary, so today I ventured to Target to get the hubby a card & present. As I get to the card aisle, there are three other women crowded around the anniversary for him section…. so I wait watching them all read through each card so carefully, nodding at each one with a smile on their faces. Then it was my turn and it was down to me and another girl, who was looking for a card for their 11th anniversary. As we stood together reading card after card, we realized there is no way to pick just one, and that every one had meaning to us – they each said one little thing differently, but yet it fit our lives. There were times when we had four or five cards in our hand at once wondering how we would ever decide – contemplating on buying them all and making one giant Frankenstein card with all the sayings glued together (however, that would be rather spendy at $2.99-$6.00 a card). I have made my own, but this year I have a million and 10 things to do and just don’t have the time, although I did take a pic of several other card sayings to include with this card, yes I cheat!

It was good to know that I am not the only one that faces the dilemma of wanting to buy every card at the store. As we talked over cards, we also mentioned how much effort women put into the littlest things and *most* guys will just walk into the store grab the first one they see and walk out, although all of mine have been cute and heartfelt thus far!

It was just a cute experience that left me saying… awww the things we do for our men!¬†


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